Artists for Health Inquiry

If you are an Artist and/or Creative interested in being part of this social campaign, please email us at

Artists for Health

Social Art and Culture plans to design and market strategies for the sector entitled Artist for Health.  The design solutions will bring about social charge in the different areas of Cancer, Mental Illness and HIV/AIDS using art and culture as its vehicle, to activate a shift in the community’s perception of health and support those living with theses diseases giving them a VOICE!

Target Audience
1)    Artists living with health issues such as Cancer, Mental Illness and HIV/AIDS

​African American Artist living with HIV/AIDS between the ages of 20 -29 years HIV Positive and between the ages of 40-49 years living with AIDS. (Highest rate infection based on recent statistic from CDC)

2)   Promote the need for targeted benefits for Artists/Creative Economy to receive affordable and/or packaged health care benefits.

3) Activate Artists to educate their fellow communities about resources afforded to them through community based organizations.

Artists for Health team will work with SAAC's Community Outreach organizations in these health causes and market to “rally” the art community and creative economy of DC to assist with execution of the campaign “socially responsible artisans” to focus on health.​  

Social Art and Culture will use the practicioners, experts and community resources in its education of those Artist for Health participating in and to deliver the proper messaging and information. However, we will not implement direct services but use our partnerships with Whitman Walker Max Robinson Center and DOH, to name a few, to provide proper information and directory for those in need.  In addition,   run PSAs under We Act Radio through the LIVE Wire shows (broadcast Mon- Friday); and be a continued distribution of condoms and literature in Ward 8 and